Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Palm Pre Plus

So yesterday, after months of waiting I got my Palm Pre Plus.
Meanwhile cool! :)

But! I could not activate it without data service from my cellular provider. Ughm :(
So I purchased it. Most of the day I have some kind of internet connection around: either wired or wireless. The only time I don't have such, is when I'm driving, and I don't really need it - I should drive. So currently I have a feeling that I'm going to pay for something I'm not going to use...

Anyway, I purchased the data plan and activated my phone, and even managed to make/receive few calls.

But it has not Hebrew or Russian. Why?? Some internet search discovered the following guide.

Another problem: it seems that I cannot connect to App Catalog even for free apps. Why??! If you know how to solve it, please let me know...

Another problem: Skype doesn't support it... Well, it becomes really annoying now. I hoped that a new Palm Pre will replace the outdated Asus pocket-pc, but currently it doesn't :(

Actually currently my feeling is a sort of disappointment: I waited to get this gadget for a loooong time, and now it seems that it doesn't covers my very basic needs for some cool applications and Skype. May be I should have go for some cool HTC device with Android? Rhetorical question.

P.S. In these comments (Russian) you'll find another discussion.

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