Wednesday, April 2, 2008



This blog contains set of memos with the technical issues that I found to be worth memorizing.

In example, how many times did you need to serialize xml to string in Java?
Personally I have already implemented this functionality several times, while each implementation of cause starts with some googleing.

Another example is Windows Registry. The are a lot of tricks that can be performed in registry, but who remembers them? In the best case, you just remember that there is a trick...

So I decided to put notes to the blog. First, it will make easier for me to find them later. Second, other people may also find them useful.

I named this blog "Tarlog on Java" since Java is the main programming language that I use and this will probably effect most of the posts here.

If you are reading this blog and find something here useful, don't hesitate to comment. It's always a very nice feeling to be read.

Thank you and enjoy reading,

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