Monday, May 31, 2010

Palm: Game of Life - Reading the Comments

Getting the data about the published application is somewhat annoying. From the developer's portal you can see the amount of downloads and the average user rating.
From the rss feed you can additionally see the number of comments, but you cannot read them.
Fortunately, shows the comments, once you find your application.

I don't know if there is any normal way to answer the user comments and I will be really surprised, if any of the users bumps into my blog, but currently I see no other way to post replies.

First, all the guys who said that the game is cool: thank you!!! It's really a pleasure to read your comments ;-)

Aaron B and Stanley T: you both mentioned that "Ability to save favorite initial conditions would be a great feature." I'm totally agree with you. Moreover, I developed it in a very first version and even mentioned it in "Help". Yes, it's on the last help's screen that talks about shortcuts.

Stanley T: "The builtin ability to share saved starting patterns would be very cool." Totally agree. I'll think about it :-)

Michael M: "Not playable at all on the Pixi due to the screen formatting. Please fix." What does this mean? Are cells too small? The cell's size is adjustable. Once again: reading "Help" may help.

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