Thursday, July 30, 2009

Apache Wink Site

I'm glad to announce that Apache Wink has finally an official site.

It would be great if you share this information, so the search engines would be able to increase the site's rating.

Here are some links to Apache Wink's site: Apache Wink JAXRS implementation JAX-RS implementation JAX RS implementation JSR-311 implementation JSR 311 implementation JSR311 JSR 311 JSR-311 JAX-RS JAXRS JAX RS


Anton said...

Apache 2.0 license... Requires legal approval, director approval and (maybe) vice-president approval. It will be simpler to implement own Wink :((

Tarlog said...

I think that Apache license is one of the lightest licenses exist.
I can hardly believe that you develop java and don't use one of the Apache projects.
But it always fun to implement such a thing yourself. If you have enough resources, why not? I think you can do it in about 10 Person Years ;)