Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Encoder 0.5.0

It's was a long time, since the previous release of the Encoder. Actually I didn't work much on the Encoder's functionality, but I did a lot of enhancements to the Dynamic Dialogs functionality. Interesting if someone, but me, really uses it...

Anyway 0.5.0 version is ready. It requires Java 6 and Eclipse 3.4.2.
Apart of enhancement to the Dynamic Dialogs it includes the following features:
1. Hitting Ctrl+A in the text areas will perform "Select All".
2. The text areas now support different encodings when transforming from text to bytes.
3. The input text area was enhanced with "Import" functionality, which allows importing a binary file to the input text area.
4. Both input and output text areas were enhanced with the "Export" functionality that save the content of the area to a file. For text, the defined encoding will be used.

I didn't create a standalone distribution this time, but only an Eclipse plugin. If you want it as standalone, please let me know in the comments, and I'll create it for you.

Enjoy :)


Anton said...

Just opened issue #24 :)

Tarlog said...

Nice to know that you're using Encoder :)
See my comments in the Issues.