Friday, May 1, 2009

Making Eclipse Fly

Accidentally I got to this post, and I must admit that it really works for me.
I believe that it's -Xverify:none flag that makes the difference.


krilli said...

Hi there,

just found your tarlog-utils, and they look useful. Then I found your blog, and it is interesting.

Related to this particular post, I want to ask: Have you tried running eclipse on JRockit? I think I have managed to delude myself into thinking that it is faster than the other JRE's. It costs $50 to run though: It eats a whole 2GB RAM stick!

Fun, though.

And thanks for the utils.

Tarlog said...

Hi krilli,

The last time a tried Jrockit was few years ago with Weblogic (before BEA was acquired by Oracle). That time it was free for development use. Anyway I didn't try to run Eclipse with it that time.
I'll consider trying it. I think I can get it without paying $50 :) However, using 2GB can be a showstopper.

Thank you for your comment! It's very nice to get a feedback, especially the positive one :)

krilli said...

Oh, yeah, maybe I should mention, the really interesting thing about JRockit is that it's downloadable for free.

(I hope I don't sound too much like a spambot ...)

Btw, I've been trying the -XVerify:none flag, and it definitely isn't slowing things down. Eclipse is snappy enough for me now at least. So thanks.