Monday, November 24, 2008

Encoder's Downloads Statistics

You can call me bored, but here are some statistics of downloads of the Encoder Tool:
VersionAvailable (days)DownloadsDownloads per day
0.1.0 Plugin10161.6
0.1.0 Zip1010.1
0.2.0 Plugin20321.6
0.2.0+0.2.1 Zip20412.05
0.3.0 Plugin56440.78
0.3.0 Zip56571.02

Total: 191 downloads

Interesting how many people are continue to use it occasionally. And how many people are checking for the new versions.
Unlike the tarlog-plugins, I didn't receive any issues regarding the encoder. May be there are no bugs... Or may be nobody uses it... But there are 191 downloads.

Anyway, if you are using the encoder and you are reading this post, I will really appreciate your feedback. Any feedback.

Thanks for reading :-)

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