Sunday, September 28, 2008

Encoder 0.3.0

A new iteration of the Encoder Tool was just released.

The major features are:

1. The standalone version was updated with the third parties jars of Eclipse 3.4.1.

2. Making validation of the input fields will be easy: "required" attribute was added to the InputField annotation. The fields marked as required will be automatically validated as not null.
In addition InputTextField annotation was enhanced with the following attributes: "validateNotEmpty", "validationPattern" and "validationMessage".
validateNotEmpty - validates that string is not empty
validationPattern - validates that string matches the pattern
validationMessage - is displayed to the user if the string doesn't match the pattern
(see Issue 9)

3. Adding jars to the encoder's classpath now supports adding multiple jars (Issue 12)

4. Paths that are saved in the plugin's classpath are now relative and not absolute (Issue 13)

5. In Preferences page, double clicking anything in tree will act as Edit, if Edit button at the right is enabled (Issue 14)

That's all. Hope you'll find these features useful.

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