Monday, September 8, 2008

Encoder 0.2.0

I have just released the second iteration of the Encoder.

Here are the main features:
   1. The Encoder is now customizable using the Preferences dialog. When using Eclipse, the preferences dialog appears under Windows -> Preferences. When standalone, the see File -> Preferences.
   2. The methods getName() and getGroup() should not be implemented by the encoders. Instead the encoder is defined in preferences under a group and must have a name.
   3. The input dialog now supports the ongoing validations. To use it, the encoder must implement tarlog.encoder.tool.api.fields.Validator interface. See tarlog.encoder.tool.encoders.X509CertificateEncoder if you need an example how to use it.
   4. The input fields now support arrays.

It probably has some bugs, so don't hesitate to open issues.

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