Friday, August 29, 2008

Encoder 0.1.0

And here just another neat tool I have developed for my personal needs and decided to make it public. Meet the Encoder!

So what is it used for?

It is used to encode things from one format to another. The input can be either text or bytes and the same about output. The tool is easily extendable: if you need to perform some special encoding you can implement encoder yourself and plug it into the tool. I'll expand about this functionality in the later post.

Built-in Encoders

Currently the build-in encoders are:
  • To/From Base64
  • Url Encoder/Decoder
  • Inflate/Deflate (optionally uses gzip)
  • Create signature using a private key
  • Verify signature using a public key
  • Verify signature using a certificate

Running the tool

The tool can be run either as an eclipse plugin or as a standalone application. UI is implemented in SWT, which makes it cross-platform. To run the Encoder standalone, download the distribution zip and execute "javaw -jar encoder-0.1.0.jar". You'll need at least Java 5.

I guess that all for now. I'll be happy to get any feedback about the Encoder and see people using it.


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