Thursday, May 1, 2008

IDE Survey results

And the results are:

Eclipse 23 (54%)
Netbeans 4 (9%)
IntelliJ 9 (21%)
JBuilder 3 (7%)
Other 3 (7%)

Total votes: 42

So the Eclipse wins. Actually this doesn't supprise me, since I personally believe that Eclipse is the best free IDE for JAVA.
However, I thought that there will be more people, who use IntelliJ. Many people said in comments that IntelliJ is very good and I agree with them. Probably the price makes it less attractive.

In addition there were people, who said in comments that they are forced to use Eclipse and if they had a choice, they would have used something else.
I can only say: Shame on the managers of these people. No project should insist on using a specific IDE, but each developer should be able to choose. And the project should be maintained using the build scripts.

Anyway this survey is over.
Thank you for the participation!

1 comment:

finik said...

1. IDE does in some way influence the quality of the resulting code. For the last couple of month I've seen a lot of open source code, and I really think one of the reasons for this shitty code is lack of a decent IDE. I did not find in the bloated eclipse half of the features that I have in 3MB SourceInsight, and the other half don't quite work either. And I have no words to describe how slow it is. I think you Java people are used to slow programs and don't really notice it :)
2. I believe in a small team, you should strive for one IDE, one toolchain and same config environment. I strongly believe that some tasks require (or done more efficiently) by two people debugging/brainstorming. It is really inconvenient when they can't share the keyboard/mouse due to different shortcuts and keymappings, can't effectively read the code because it looks different etc. I'm not saying you should enforce IDE on people as a manager, but when I have a new employee, first thing I do when I sit with him and explain stuff is I take over his keyboard, install my environment, and configure his workspace the same way as mine is configured. If he doesn't have his habbits yet, he'll adopt mine, which even if they are not most efficient, will show helpfull in the future, but you will be amazed how many people with their own old habbits, do adapt the team's ones if they see that more than one person in the team is working this way. "умом выделяться надо" :)